Premium mattress

  • €155,99

It is a double-sided foam mattress of the Premium series. It's made from a combination of specially profiled mattress layers of different hardness, keeping the space between these layers. This solution ensures optimal air circulation inside and on the surface of the mattress.

One softer side is made of high-quality mattress foam with a notched surface that allows you to avoid discomfort from the first days of life. In addition, thanks to the better air flow, we minimize the risk of our child being subjected to an injury.

The other side of the construction is the same, while it is made of foam with greater hardness, which makes it suitable not only for infants but also for a little older, all the time taking care of the proper position of the body. The mattress, therefore, changes with the growth of our child.

The total height is 12cm. The mattress cover is made of a combination of two high-quality fabrics, COOLMAX and TERMOLITE. The cover can be reversed depending on which side our child is sleeping.

The COOLMAX fabric gives a feeling of a slight coolness, therefore it is ideal for warmer days. Perfectly wicks moisture so that we provide adequate cleanliness and hygiene.

The TERMOLITE fabric in turn gives you the feeling of extra warmth and is ideally suited for those colder days. Thanks to the special structure, despite its "heating" properties, it perfectly wicks away moisture and does not cause a feeling of heaviness. In addition, the zipper has a zipper that allows us to keep the mattress in perfect impurity.

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