• Kitchen Helper premium
  • Kitchen Helper premium

Kitchen Helper premium

  • €209,99

This is a new version of the kitchen platform for children, made in a slightly more massive and heavier design than its wooden predecessor.

Solid white MDF furniture board and minimalist Scandinavian design make it not only a practical, but also an aesthetic complement to your kitchen equipment.

Thanks to the stable construction and the ability to adjust the height of the platform, children from different age groups may safely participate in joint activities in the kitchen.


  • material: MDF furniture board
  • platform height can be adjusted in 3 variants (20 cm – 30 cm – 40 cm from the floor surface)
  • adjusting the height does not require any equipment or force – all you have to do is move the platform onto the desired board
  • MDF board used for the production of Kitchen Helper is covered with white varnish which is resistant to chemicals and mechanically safe


  • Total height: 90 cm
  • Width: 39 cm
  • Step depth: 52 cm

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