House bed with rails

  • €349,99

House bed also know as "floor bed" is a great place to rest and play for kids. During the day time it can become a fun play space and great to sleep at night. But most important that the bed is made by Montessori principles, easy to get in or out without a help from adult.

  • Made from high quality pine wood
  • Child friendly
  • The built-in frame perfectly supports the mattress
  • Thanks to frame mattress is not lying on the floor what allows air movements.
  • This type of bed comes in two colors
  • Fits 160 cm x 80 cm mattress
  • Outside dimensions: 165 cm x 88 cm
  • Height: 125 cm
  • Bed has rails on both sides

Help your kids become independent and self confident by making their room Montessori theory like. Read more about the theory and its perks in our blog.

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