Play food

Kids learn a lot at home from their parents. In early ages you can see their interest in kitchen tools, pots and pans, mostly because of the sound they can make, for example, with a pot and a spatula. The ability to fill jars with products or vise versa  stimulates children curiosity and hand eye coordination. You should encourage them to explore by giving them the opportunity to do that. Designated one bottom drawer, easy to reach, but some pots and wooden tools in it, fill few jars with different kind of dry foods, like pasta, so kids can move it from one jar to another. Don't forget the safety, don't use small foods, and always monitor your children.

When kids get a bit older the interest in pots can grow in to pretend play. Pretend play builds various development skills, it teaches kids empathy and builds self-esteem. One of the greatest toy for both boys and girls is play kitchen. Kids can learn how to cook various dishes, make some tea, store groceries and etc. Make sure that kids have all the gear for their imagination to run wild, for example vegetables, groceries, bottles. Have some fun with your kids while playing together. A french style tea party is perfect for that. Make some tea and serve beautiful cupcakes and macaroons for stylish tea party.

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