Christmas Gift Guide

We want to share some gift ideas with you. For music loving kid you can give an instrument, the kind that replicates the real ones: drums, guitars and xylophones. All made from wood in nice pastel colors.

Boys loves cars! That's a fact. We have some fun parking garages with lots of activities and service center, which has all main services: repair shop, car wash and gas station.


Boys love cars, girls love dolls, right? Wooden doll bed and wagon for stylish play, by the way they look great in any interior!

For older children we have some amazing beanbags and ottomans. Kids love handing out on them, watching TV or reading books.

Your kids loves to play in kitchen? Provide them with their own kitchen devices.

Play tent is a safe and fun hideout for little ones.Every child would love to have one in his or her room!

Checkout all our range for more amazing gift ideas!

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