• Play food

    Kids learn a lot at home from their parents. In early ages you can see their interest in kitchen tools, pots and pans, mostly because of the sound they can make, for example, with a pot and a spatula. The ability to fill jars with products or vise versa  stimulates children curiosity and hand eye... View Post
  • Christmas Gift Guide

    We want to share some gift ideas with you. For music loving kid you can give an instrument, the kind that replicates the real ones: drums, guitars and xylophones. All made from wood in nice pastel colors. Boys loves cars! That's a fact. We have some fun parking garages with lots of activities an... View Post
  • Pretend play toys

    Small kids learn while they are playing. Usually kids use objects to impersonate an animal or human, sometimes objects represents other things, for instance, a kid uses a wooden branch to implicate a fishing rod, or your kids suddenly becomes the chef and makes you all kinds of gourmet dishes from toys. It's called pretend play and it builds various development skills. View Post